90 Leg Tattoo Ideas for Men In 2023

Over the last few years, leg tattoos have become pretty popular among men. Besides the fact that they look cool and make you stand out, they are also easy to hide if the circumstance asks for it. 

The leg is a good area for both large and small tattoos, so you are bound to find something that suits you. During the previous years, men have covered one side of their leg in tattoos, tattooed their whole leg, or gone for something small and significant.

In this leg tattoo story…

But what can you do when you’re having a hard time picking a stunning piece for your leg? Indeed, choosing a model can be challenging with so many great ideas on the Internet. But don’t worry – this article is here to help you find the right model for you. Let’s check out the 90 best leg tattoos for men in 2023!

Tribal Leg Tattoos

Tribal tattoos seem to look good on any part of the body, so they would also be perfect for your leg. With their unique patterns and curved lines, these tattoos can fit perfectly around your leg. Whether you choose to get a design that covers your entire leg or just a small part of it, you’re bound to have a timeless design. 

Japanese Leg Tattoos

Japanese Leg Tattoo Source: @ohmurooo via Instagram
Source: @ohmurooo via Instagram

Whether you have connections to Japanese culture or you simply love and respect everything related to Japan, a Japanese tattoo is a good way to represent this. This type of tattoo can include different elements like geishas, koi fish, and more. And if you add colors, you can rest assured that your attention-grabbing piece will get lots of compliments.

Full Leg Tattoos

Full Leg Tattoo

You could say that getting a full-leg tattoo is a bold move, but doing so can help you end up with truly majestic pieces of art on your skin. Since there is such a large surface to be inked, the design can include complex shapes and elements, and you’ll surely be excited to show off the art on your skin by walking in shorts during summertime. 

Lower Leg Tattoos

Lower Leg Tattoo

Lower leg tattoos for men are the easiest to display when wearing shorts. The area can be easily exposed, and it also serves as a great surface for many designs. More often than not, this part of the leg works best for vertical tattoos, but you can also cover the whole lower leg with a cool design. 

Dragon Leg Tattoos

Dragon Leg Tattoo

The dragon is a timeless design that looks good anywhere. Because there are so many types of dragons and they come in so many colors, you have the freedom to choose between a wide range of mythical creatures. What’s even better is that you can cover your whole leg with a dragon or only a certain area – there is enough space for both options. 

Upper Leg Tattoos

Upper Leg Tattoo

One of the most common ways to tattoo your legs is to get an upper leg tattoo. This area is not only less painful due to the fewer nerve endings, thick skin, and extra fat, but it is also large enough to fit a variety of designs. Your options are unlimited. 

Small Leg Tattoos

Small Leg Tattoo

Even though legs provide such a large canvas for tattoos, not everyone is a fan of big, bold pieces that stand out. Some men are happy with small designs, especially if all they want is something meaningful. It can be anything, from a word to a symbol or anything in between. 

Snake Leg Tattoos

Snake Leg Tattoo

Snake tattoos look amazing on the leg because the creature can easily be represented while it winds around your leg. The serpent can be inked on one side of the leg or it can wrap around it nicely, resulting in a cool effect that everyone will notice. Whether you get it in black and white or opt for colors, a snake tattoo will be extremely stylish. 

Angel Leg Tattoos

Angel Leg Tattoo

Religious men are not afraid to show their love for God. For this reason, angel tattoos are a very common design on the leg. They can represent your belief in a guardian angel or your faith in God. At the same time, this tattoo can be used to represent a loved one who passed away. 

Arrow Leg Tattoos

Arrow Leg Tattoo

Due to the length of the legs, arrows make perfect tattoos for this area. However, you don’t have to settle for a typical arrow. There are many styles you can choose from, and you can also add other elements around the arrow to make it more stylish. 

Skull Leg Tattoos

Skull Leg Tattoo

Both the upper leg and lower leg make great canvases for skull tattoos, and this applies to both human skulls and animal skulls. As long as you choose a design that suits you, your skull tattoo will certainly make you feel more confident. 

Celtic Leg Tattoos

Celtic Leg Tattoo

Men who are proud of their Celtic heritage never hesitate to talk about it or show it to the world. So, if you also have Celtic heritage, why not get a Celtic tattoo on your leg? You can get something simple on your calf, or you can get a more detailed piece that covers your leg fully or partially. 

Band Leg Tattoos

Band Leg Tattoo

Band tattoos are the easiest way to get something simple and cool at the same time. This type of tattoo doesn’t even need a deep meaning behind it – it can just be a design that you liked and want to be inked on your body. The band can wrap around your upper leg or lower leg, depending on your preference. 

Maori Leg Tattoos

Maori Leg Tattoo

Maori leg tattoos for men are inspired by the Polynesian culture. They can tell you more about an individual’s achievements, status, or tribe. So, if you want to honor your Maori heritage, getting a Maori leg tattoo is the best way to do it. 

Geometric Leg Tattoos

Geometric Leg Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are simple and stylish, and that is maybe why they’ve become so widespread in the last few years. By combining multiple geometric shapes, you can end up with something that looks great on the area of the leg that you would like to cover. 

Side Leg Tattoos

Side Leg Tattoo

Covering the side of the leg with a tattoo will ensure you have an art piece on your leg that you can be proud of. But it’s also something that can be easily hidden when necessary. This area works great for various designs, whether it’s something minimalistic or a complex model. 

Lion Leg Tattoos

Lion Leg Tattoo

Men have always loved lion tattoos and that may be closely related to the lion’s status in the world of animals. Lions are not only intimidating, but they are also strong and they do not back off from a fight. Cover your leg in a lion tattoo if you want the world to know that you’re a powerful person that nobody can mess with. 

Quote Leg Tattoos

Quote Leg Tattoo

A quote tattoo can have a deeper meaning, or it can just be a line that your favorite character said in a movie. With quotes, you can express your personality more easily. And since the leg provides such a large surface, it won’t be difficult to fit even a longer quote. 

Compass Leg Tattoos

Compass Leg Tattoo

Compasses have always been useful tools. Today, men get these amazing objects tattooed on their bodies to represent guidance and logic. The leg is an ideal choice for the placement of this tattoo, as you can get both a small or large compass, depending on your preferences.

Mechanical Leg Tattoos

Mechanical Leg Tattoo

Some men have an attraction towards mechanical designs, particularly if they have a favorite fictional character that takes advantage of biomechanics. What makes these leg tattoos for men so great is the fact that they create a cool effect – they will make it look like you have machinery under your skin. 

Front Leg Tattoos

Front Leg Tattoo

The front side of your leg is the most visible one, and while it’s narrow, it’s also commonly chosen as the perfect spot for many tattoo designs. If you want your tattoo to stand out, you can bet that a front leg piece will not go unnoticed. 

Colorful Leg Tattoos

Colorful Leg Tattoo

It’s not uncommon to see black and white tattoos on men’s legs, but you don’t have to settle for the same model. A more colorful and vibrant design can look masculine too. Besides, everyone will probably compliment your spectacular leg tattoo if you are not afraid to add a splash of color. 

Back of Leg Tattoos

Back of Leg Tattoo

Some men prefer tattoos that are not as easy to notice, which is where the back of the leg comes into play. The spot is perfect for all sorts of designs, and whatever you settle for, it will become a part of you – especially since you may even forget it’s there, while others will notice it more easily. 

Spooky Leg Tattoos

Spooky Leg Tattoo

If you’re the type of man who loves Halloween or is fond of horror movies, this is your opportunity to get a spooky piece of art on your leg. Your design can be something simple, or it can represent famous horror characters that you’re a fan of. 

Black Rose Leg Tattoos

Black Rose Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos look great in any color, but when it comes to roses, many men go for black ink. With the leg providing a long but narrow area, a rose is a great tattoo choice. Not to mention that an all-black tattoo would look pretty unique and stylish. 

Portrait Leg Tattoos

Portrait Leg Tattoos

You may have a loved one whose portrait you want on your body forever, such as a child or a parent, or even a significant other if you’re brave enough. Black and white portraits are especially popular among tattooed men, and the piece can go on your thigh or the lower leg, depending on the size of the portrait and whether you want to hide it more easily or not. 

Tree Leg Tattoos

Tree Leg Tattoo

Trees have always been important symbols for humans. They are part of many religions and mythologies, and they often represent life. A popular way to obtain a wonderful design is by getting a tree of life piece on your leg. 

Anime Leg Tattoos

Anime Leg Tattoo

Being a man doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy anime or that you’re not allowed to hold a childhood favorite series in your heart. If you have a character that you relate to or that means a lot to you, getting a leg tattoo of him/her will surely make your soul happy. 

Dog Leg Tattoo

Dog Leg Tattoo

Are you a dog person? More importantly, do you have a four-legged friend that means the world to you or a furry buddy that passed away? You can show your love for your pet with a cool leg tattoo. You can tattoo a picture of your dog or even his/her paw prints. 

Tiger Leg Tattoos

Tiger Leg Tattoo

Everyone knows how fierce and powerful tigers are. If you’re strong and not afraid to roar when it comes to defending your honor, a tiger leg tattoo might be the perfect choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Leg Tattoos for Men

Do leg tattoos hurt?

The pain you’ll feel while getting tattooed on your leg will depend on the area you choose. Generally speaking, the most painful areas are the back of the thighs, the inner thighs, and behind the knees. Meanwhile, the front and outer thighs are some of the least painful areas for a tattoo.

How much do leg tattoos cost?

The cost of a leg tattoo depends on the size and placement, as well as how long it takes to finish the piece. Standard-sized tattoos may start at around $500, whereas you can expect to pay more for a tattoo that covers an entire area, such as the lower leg, upper leg, and full leg.

How long does it take to finish a full leg tattoo?

Full leg tattoos for men may take around 30-40 hours to finish, although sometimes it takes even longer if there are lots of details to add.

Final Thoughts

Leg tattoos for men come in various and complex designs. Whether you want to tattoo your entire leg or only a specific part of the leg, there are various models that would suit this area. Hopefully, our list has provided the necessary inspiration for your next or first leg tattoo.

Get a look at the most popular tattoo ideas for men.


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